Now that you have selected Commerce as your stream for furbishing your financial career, let us guide you over the path that you will be following in order to achieve it. Classes XI and XII are quite interrelated to each other as whatever subjects you study in eleventh class are followed in twelfth. Remember if your Class XI’s base is strong, it will really prove beneficial for you in the next class.

We all know the fact that a Strong Building can not be constructed without a strong foundation. Same is the case with student’s career. A student can’t excel without a proper base and concept clarity. Often subjects are not taken seriously at these initial levels by the students, they often go with cramming and leave the concept clarity behind. Students are required to build their base at these initial levels. They are required to grasp the fundamentals at this very early stage to make a strong base for the in-depth studies at higher levels.

Commerce as a subject Often the Student go through the ordinary classes which do not provide them the deep understanding and concept clarity required and they end up cramming everything to get marks in exam. With this, their base is not built and they suffer a lot at higher levels.

Features of Ganpati Commerce.

  • 1. This Course focuses more on building a strong platform of your knowledge skills and response stimuli for succeeding classes.
  • 2. Individual attention
  • 3. Problem solving sessions
  • 4. Well balanced ratio among the students and the teacher.
  • 5. Notes, sample papers or revision assignments; at our institute you will be provided assistance at every level that you require.
  • 6. We all are well aware that how crucial are the Board Exams in an individual’s life. So, going by this norm, we bring such faculty members who can guide the students and prepare them well for the boards as well as for the future.
  • 7. Our professional team remains well updated about the CBSE syllabus that is taught to the students and so accordingly we teach them as per the norms of the curriculum assigned to them.
  • 8. Tackling the Viva Fear - Apart from theory, we also help students with their practical exams. We ensure that they are well prepared for the viva and don’t lose confidence in front of the examiner.
  • 8. Regular class helps in learning the chapter easily and even remembering the entire chapter easily.
  • 9. A quick revision of the chapter with the help of mind map helps retain the entire chapter easily. Question and answers provided help in solving the answers.
  • 10. We will take care of exam patterns for both the boards i.e. CBSE and ICSE.



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