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Bachelor of Arts in Economics is an undergraduate Economics course. Economics is the social science that analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. The curriculum comprising the areas such as definition, nature, scope, concepts, utility, production, market, monopoly and other minor or major aspects of Economics. B.A. in Economics is generally three academic years and may be provided on part time basis by certain institutes. The course has semester system based and it is career orienting in nature that provides many jobs for them. The course is designed to train pupils in analyzing concepts and processes of the economy by educating them in areas such as definition, nature, scope, concepts, utility, production, market, monopoly etc.

B.A. Economics Eligibility

  • 1. The candidates should complete their 10+2 or its equivalent exam from a recognised Board.
  • 2. In many reputed colleges there is an entrance exam or percentage of 12th class for the admission of students.

B.A. Economics: What is it About?

B.A. in Economics is a 3- year long course generally comprising qualitative and quantitative approaches to Social Science. The course essentially involves a study of the main aspects related to improving an organization’s overall profitability through different approaches and techniques. The principal subjects covered in the curriculum are Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Political Economics, etc.

B.A Economics is an amalgamation of Macro economics, Micro economics and Statistics.

Macro economics is the study of the national and global economy as a whole, and covers broad concepts of income and employment, government budget and balance of payments. Whereas, Micro economics studys economics concepts at the individual level, such as the study of price determination, types of markets, demand and supply etc.

Statistics is an essential element to the study of Economics as it helps to interpret and make sense of economic data.

The course sows the seeds of ideation, curiosity and interest in the young minds of students, further leading them to make successful careers in banking, finance, statistics, actuary, auditing, marketing, etc.

What will you study?

Economics is a subject that teaches concepts related to markets, finance, principles of business, banking, money and the working of our economy.

Under these themes lie topics of demand, supply, production, national income, history of the Indian economy, international economics, inflow and outflow of capital, operations of loans, inflation and deflation of currency, rise and fall of prices in the market, GDP, as well as statistics.

Since Economics deals with large numbers and data, the importance of statistics is deeply ingrained in the course.

The extensive knowledge of the subject makes you well equipped to understand and analyse trends of demonetisation, the impact of Make in India, introduction of goods and services and tax, the annual budget etc.

How much Maths is involved in studying Economics?

It’s a common question faced by many students. If you’re not very proficient in Mathematics, you may wonder whether Economics is a good choice, and exactly how much Mathematical aptitude you would require.

The answer to that is, you should have a decent grasp of Mathematics as it is essential to the core of economics and Statistics. Maths plays a key tool to the understanding of the subject and it would be difficult to do without it. Saying that, most colleges require you to have studied maths till 12th but may or may not require the subject necessarily to be included in your best-of-four

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